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Second Language Research Institute of Canada

Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers
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New Brunswick EAL Teachers Network- by Corey Harvey and Nicholas LeBlanc

LINC/Newcomer/Settlement Resources

ATESL Resource Database
Peel Halton LINC Resource Centre
Algonquin College LINC Resources
Resources for those working with Newcomers in Ontario
ESLA NET Resources
Repository of on-line language learning resources


Websites with full reviews

Everything ESL

Daily Grammar


Simple Wikipedia
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Listening Practice

NEW!!- Great Listening Resources!

Randall's Listening Lab
This website offers a variety of audio texts (with accompanying transcripts) on a diverse array of topics for beginning to advanced English language learners.
ESL Podcasts
Links to audio texts on a variety of topics from current events to everyday life situations
ESL Business News
"A weekly podcast of international business news read in slow, clear English. Listen to the podcast and follow along in the accompanying script

General sites with a variety of resources for teachers and learners

Many Things
Many Things includes multimedia (video, audio and text) resources for practicing reading, speaking, listening, and grammatical skills.

Dave's ESL Cafe
Dave Sperling's famous ESL café offers "stuff" for teachers and students of ESL/EAL as well as information on job opportunities overseas. Teachers will love the idea cookbook and students will appreciate a chance to test (and hone up on!) their knowledge of prepositions, phrasal verbs, and idiomatic English.

ESL Partyland
This is a website for both teachers and students of ESL/EAL containing activities, games, readings and quizzes related to topics such as dating, movies, the internet, and travel.

CCDMD learning centre
This on-line literacy resource is aimed at improving and enhancing reading and writing skills of English language learners.

English language world
Leveled (beginner, intermediate advanced) lessons that help English language learners learn and practice vocabulary and grammar as well as skills such as listening, reading, and pronunciation

Activities for ESL
Leveled (easy, medium, hard) ESL quizzes for grammar and vocabulary as well as crosswords and bilingual quizzes (many languages included).

Daily Idioms
Daily Idioms plus much more on the Learn English Website Today Website (e.g., links to news, games, grammar practice, proverbs, business English)

Phrasal Verbs
According to the on-line TESOL community, this is a "This is a great web link on phrasal verbs. I use it with my EFL college students- click on the grammar category"

Vocabulary- Lextutor
Vocabulary lists- 1K, 2K, 5K, academic word lists and more- recommended by Scott Douglas at TESL NB Spring Conference 2012

Resources websites with membership fees

Easy Online

Teacher Resources

Internet TESL Journal
"Articles, Research Papers, Lessons Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links"

IELTS info

IELTS - test centre search